Hardware acceleration h264 on youtube

  • When playing HTML5 video on YouTube 1080p 60fps my CPU usage is 100% processor (E6550). The chrome and uc browser is also not running hardware accelerated video on youtube because the video vp9, but you can install the plugin [url=https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/h264-youtube-codec/ppnpklmkocigghcndgaeedkmdllnoknm?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog]H264 Youtube Codec[/url] which allows you to watch videos in h264 codec and hardware acceleration works. Is it possible to do something to make this work in Vivaldi? At the moment the plugin is installed and the flow on youtube is in h264, but the acceleration of the video card is not working. The chrome: // gpu shows that hardware acceleration is enabled.

  • Try this:

    h264ify is a Chrome/Firefox extension that makes YouTube stream H.264 videos instead of VP8/VP9 videos.


  • h264ify no longer works in chrome, as well in vivaldi. Youtube stream remains VP8/VP9. When i use H264 Youtube Codec in chrome to view the 1080p 60fps video the CPU load is 30-60% and the hardware acceleration of the graphics card is working (screen1). In Vivaldi in the same video when H264 Youtube Codec enabled CPU load is 100% and hardware acceleration of the graphics card not working (screen2)

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    On Youtube with Chromium browsers (like Vivaldi is one) videos are distributed as H264 and sometimes VP9 codec.
    Youtube does misdetect the browser's features with Video codecs.

    Disabling GPU acceleration in Vivaldi is not usable for you?

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    h264ify works fine with Latest Snapshot 1.0.390.3 (32-Bit).
    It forces always H264/AAC :woohoo:

    Tested with https://youtu.be/4bC56mnXS5o
    WIthout h264ify it wants VP9 codec
    with h264fy enabled it uses AVC/H264/AAC

  • It forces always H264/AAC

    And you gpu acceleration on that video works? Extension H264ify force h264 only for hd with 24-30 fps and gpu acceleration still not working.

    Disabling GPU acceleration in Vivaldi is not usable for you?

    Unfortunately I have an older CPU that doesn't handle 1080 HD video well. It just seems to me that in Vivaldi something is not working correctly when viewing h264 unlike another Chromium.


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