[Not working] Pinch to zoom with touch screen

  • There's bug that Vivaldi cannot recognize multi touch zoom gesture. I have check all browser and only Vivaldi have that problem. Tested in my touchscreen laptop with windows 10 64bit

  • Same for me. I purchased an Asus T100HA, Win 10, 64 bits. The handling of zoom is problematic. The pinch does not work, and double-tapping a paragraph does not zoom in it. Using the touch to change the zoom from the bar in the lower right cursor is sorta too much or nothing. Other than that Vivaldi works nicely on this hybrid tablet/notebook. Although Edge is nicely integrated in the tablet mode, I prefer using Vivaldi.
    Are there plans to put energy in supporting some of the Win10 mobile features?

  • Moderator

    Vivaldi is quite unfinished. The protocols to make it fully compatible with touch screens are not all written yet.


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