Prompt for Keyring Password When Opening Facebook or Fastmail

  • This issue has been discussed here before but I didn't find a way to stop the box from popping up the first time I open Facebook or Fastmail after opening Vivaldi [don't know if this popup appears with other email services because this is the only one I use]. The box says "Enter password for keyring 'default keyring' to unlock. An application wants access to the 'default keyring' but it is locked" plus there's a space for my password. I can dismiss the box merely by pressing the "Escape" key & can still log in to either Facebook or my email account with no problems. I saw that I could remove the keyring password by opening the terminal & typing ~/.local/share/keyrings/* however I always get this result: "bash: /home/dave/.local/share/keyrings/default: Permission denied" [without quotes in this instance] & could go no further. Any ideas about what I can do to disable this annoying popup or will that get fixed in the final/stable version of Vivaldi? I've never had this problem with other browsers. Thanks & regards!

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    the user keyring manager window should only appear one time.
    For me that works fine with kwallet.

  • I don't use kwallet &, from searching the contents of my OS [Linux Mint 17.2 Mate] installation, it's not there & I don't know anything about it This hasn't been an issue with Opera so I would hope it won't be with the stable versions of Vivaldi. Since I can get rid of this popup by merely pressing "Escape" it's not too important but I hope this gets addressed in the future.

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    Please report your problem as a bug, describe explicitly with information about OS and Window Manager for a bugreport at

  • I discovered that my keyring password issue seems to be a Linux/Mint issue after I upgraded to Opera's latest [but not greatest] version & began getting the same box when visiting password-protected sites there, too. I visited Linux-Mint's help forums & they had a couple of fixes. One was to try some commands they had for Chrome or Chromium browsers in the Terminal but neither were recognized. Another was to go to Menu>Preferences>Passwords & Keys & disable it there but for some reason "Passwords & Keys" isn't there. Possibly that got corrupted but everything else works fine. However, I tried once more to select "Continue" from the "Keyring Password" box without entering any password & this time it allowed me to, although with a warning that this wouldn't be as secure which I already knew. I'm certain that I tried this several months ago & it wouldn't allow me to continue without entering a valid password which I didn't have but I was able work around it by hitting the Esc key whenever this box appeared. Now, however, I can access password-protected sites without seeing the keyring password box so this issue appears to be resolved. Hope this is helpful if you get more complaints about this issue. Regards!


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