Scrolling in Windows 10

  • I don't know if anyone else has the same experience but I find scrolling to be very unsatisfactory in Windows 10 (X1 Carbon). One of the best things about Opera 12 was that scrolling was very smooth and without lag, but in Vivaldi it is laggy in the extreme and overly elastic in nature. I Just want a constant rate of scroll with a given amount of cursor movement, regardless of momentum, and if possible for it to be smooth. The best reference for scrolling in Windows 10 right now seems to be with the Edge browser, which just blasts everything else out of the water in that one regard. Incidentally Smooth Scrolling (in flags) is turned off, though when I turn it on it seems to make no difference to scrolling in any case (though once it caused in infinite crash loop because it crashed before I had time to turn off the flag after relaunching it - I had to backup my profile and reinstall). Also, I have set the Synaptics Control Panel to its defaults with no real change.

  • I'm using the SmoothScroll extension in addition to the internal flag Smooth Scrolling true'd.




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