Cannot Access The YouTube Channel Meny (Mac)

  • :huh: I have a problem, I cant access my YouTube channels settings when using Vivaldi but I can with other browsers though. When I click the top right image at the little menu shows up but quickly disappears. This is a very big deal for me since almost all I do on the web is YouTube and I don't want to change back to Chrome again, do I really have to do that? Please help me out, you will be rewarded with a digital hug if you reply! :woohoo: Best Regards, Victor :lol: PS: I'm using a Mac.

  • I don't have this problem. Are you using the latest SS? Also, are you using any extensions, that might interfere? Like YT UI changers and stuff…

    P.S.: What do you even use that button for? Are you changing your Google accounts often?

  • I had a same problem as Vicco noted.
    It happens with the latest beta version that was released last month.
    With the latest snapshot (1.0.365.3) from like last week or so, I haven't had the issue. :cheer:

  • The SS helped with the menu, but there is still a problem with the HTML5 player. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't.

  • I am using an extension called "Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player" as a temporary workaround. 🙂

  • I am also having this issue. 😞 Not on my PC however, only on my Mac.
    I will try out the plugin for now.

    It did not work, I can still not access the menu.
    It did however fix the issue I had with older youtube videos not playing.

  • Had the same problem, found a workaround.

    Added YouTube to the side panel and opened it there.
    This(for me at least) opened the mobile version off YouTube.
    Was able to change channel there.
    Refreshed my YouTube tab and was in the right channel


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