Failed to update

  • Why ignore my feedback?   my third time feedback this issue. update not use a PAC proxy, it can not be updated. [img] Uploads/20160106153322.jpg[/img]

  • The language on your picture is very foreign to me but I assume the question to be, if you are connected to the internet. The last three updates on my Windows systems (7, 8.1 and 10) the downloading suddenly stopped and I got the error report with the above mentioned question. My workaround was to just close Vivaldi and reopen it. The automatic update process simply continued, finished the download and updated the program without any further obstacles.

  • Sorry, I need to point out that:
    In China are unable to access "", you must use a proxy to access.
    By the same token, if the update does not use a proxy, it can not automatically updated.

    So we need to improve are: Updates to use a proxy.
    Otherwise, you'll never be updated.

  • As a workaround, perhaps you might simply use your proxy to obtain the direct program download from the appropriate Vivaldi web page and 'install' by clicking on that file. Vivaldi should recognize the earlier Vivaldi install and install over top of it (see the existing Vivaldi address in the installer when it pauses) and should keep your personal data, settings, etc.


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