Workaround for lack of sync

  • Hi, I am wondering if I could move some Vivaldi's configuration files (preferably only one) between machines I use to copy some settings like: search keywords, default search engine, installed extensions, bookmarks? For some other apps (like Vim) I use git+ssh+symlinks to easily move configs between computers. And I would like to try that with Vivaldi.

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    Yes, you can copy many of the files from your profile to another. You need to check yourself which files you need.

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    If you want to sync the Vivaldi password database, dont forget the Linux user's keyrings from KDE, GNOME etc.!

  • It seems that my plan won't work. I've moved Preferences and Bookmarks files to my git (dropbox-like) repo and symlinked those files from ~/.config/vivaldi/Default/. But when some settings are changed, Vivaldi destroys symlinks and puts regular files there. Now I would have to manually sync those files to my repository… :unsure:

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    For bookmarks, you could export them as HTML and host that file on DropBox etc.


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