Fast Forward enabled/activating when it shouldn't be

  • Good afternoon!

    If I navigate to the first page below (Lexy's Labyrinth), the Fast Foward feature is enabled. If you press the spacebar or click the Fast Forward button, it navigates to the second page below (Bit Buster's Club). This poses a problem because Lexy's Labyrinth is an HTML5 game and pressing the space bar brings you to the next level. However, when I press the space bar, Fast Forward activates and it navigates to that page instead of the game going to the next level.

    I reached out to the developer of the website and they're confused as to why this is going on as well.

    Obviously, I unchecked the "Space Key to Fast Forward" box so I could actually continue with this game, but it's just strange that this is happening. From what I've read here and elsewhere, Fast Forward is meant for search engine results or forums where there's multiple pages and it brings you to the next page (page 2, page 3, etc.). It seems that it does so by searching through the page and trying to find the "next page" link, and I'm not sure why it determines this is the next page.

    I wanted to report this as a bug, but the report a bug page says I should post to the forum first.

    Page in question:

    Page that's navigated to on Fast Forward:'s_Challenge_Level_Pack_3

  • FastForward is picking up that link from the More... button under Level Pack 1 (why that one and not the others I'm not sure, they all say "More ..."

  • Is there something that the website's developer can do to avoid this happening? Or is there some way the Fast Forward feature can be configured to not pick up this link?

    I guess I'm trying to figure out who's to blame for this bug and what can be done.

    (Apologies for the late response, I thought I set this thread to email me when I got a response, but apparently not).

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