What's the Difference Between .DEB & .RPM Download Files?

  • This is a basic/newbie question but I was faced with this decision before I installed Vivaldi, Beta 2 today. So what is the difference between .DEB & .RPM download files? I use Linux Mint v17.2 MATE OS & a home-built 32-bit desktop computer. I chose the 32-bit Beta 2 DEB version after studying some of the Mint software download options & Vivaldi installed with no problems. But I still wonder, what would've happened if I tried installing Vivaldi with the .RPM file? On another note, although this is a Beta version Facebook loads & displays much faster than it did with Opera so I think you're onto something! There are some things that don't work right but I'm making a list & will submit them later, after I determine if they're problems or simply something I need to figure out. Keep working on Vivaldi; I hope it becomes a success for all concerned.

  • Welcome to the forum Wireaddict!

    RPM is the Redhat Packet Manager. Different Linux distributions are utilizing different packet management systems. Debian based systems like Mint will accept DEB packages without problem but won't work with RPM files without a lot of tinkering. The software behind these different files isn't neccessarily varying. I am using Debian based systems like Mint and Redhat based systems like Fedora. The Vivaldi browser on these different systems is working the same (overall :-)).


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