Web Panel Shortcut

  • Hi, does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut for showing/hiding the web panel? Im using Vivaldi on both Mac and PC so both would be great. Thanks Ben

  • Moderator

    There is not a shortcut for the webpanel, because there can be more than one webpanels.

    But you can set a keyboard shortcut for each webpanel.

    Open Vivaldi settings
    On the left select Keyboard
    On the right select section View
    Near Webpanel 1 … 9 you can set a keyboard shortcut

  • Moderator

    I already assigned my shortcuts to the panels: F4 is the default for show/hide the panels toolbar.


  • Thanks guys thats awesome - exactly what i needed.

    I have noticed however that sometimes the shortcuts don't work, they just appear to be ignored - then if i use the mouse to open a panel (or close) sometimes the shortcuts come back to life (not always) other times a restart of the browser fixes the problem.


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