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  • As of a few builds ago I keep bumping into pages not reloading because their initial request used the "post" method. Now there's been some discussion around this topic and I'm guessing a conscious decision has been taken on this (either by the Vivaldi or Chromium team). That said for me the current implementation is not really workable, or rather I really like the way Opera 12 and earlier used to handle this 🙂 Now as a normal user I think the current implement is actually not bad as it protects you from submitting duplicates. But putting my web-dev hat on I really like it to resubmit a post form multiple times if I so desire. In other words we have 2 different use cases that desire a slightly different refresh/reload approach. A simple solution to make this distinction would be for example to use Refresh (F5) as a normal refresh (i.e. it doesn't resubmit if it's post) and Reload (Ctrl+F5) as a "forced" reload (i.e. ignoring what request method was used). The normal user would typically use F5 and an web-dev/advanced user can overwrite it. The downside may that Reload also reloads any cached items but to me that's not an issue. Alternatively a "Force reload" (Ctrl+Shift+F5) option could be added. On a somewhat related matter, the current post behavior also affects the "View page source" (Alt+F3) as it will never show the source of the a posted page. Again for normal user this isn't an issue (they'd probably never look at the page source in the first place) but for web-devs this is rather annoying. Instead of showing the actual source it does a get request on the URL ignoring all values in the form. Now the simple solution is to just show the page source (that is in memory/cache somewhere presumably) but if a reload is indeed required it should just resubmit the previous request (post method and all values). My 2 cents

  • I second this. It is not acceptable for the browser to just do nothing when I hit the refresh button. At the very least, it should issue a warning that it won't refresh the page because…

    I would love to see the old Opera behavior, that is - nothing special, reload away, no super annoying "confirm form resubmission" pages.

    And of course, why not make it configurable?

  • BTW, now I can get into a state, where I am looking at the "Confirm form resubmission" page and it says "hit reload button to confirm" and when I do, nothing happens. :huh:

  • Does anyone know anything new? This is very annoying.

  • Hi,

    I've faced the same issue with one platform that I use in my everyday work. Due to this bug I cannot properly use "clone tab" option as I get "Confirm form resubmission" form without working reload button (so I cannot confirm and resubmit).

    Quite annoying bug. I've updated browser several times (I've started with 1.2 version and face this bug every day) hoping it was fixed in one of new versions until I noticed reports (this and a couple of others) about reload & post bug and figured out that this is my issue too. Hope you'll fix it soon as it seems that it is mostly typical for sites that are used for business, not for fun.

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