Change session directory?

  • Hi all! I recently found out about Vivaldi and decided to try it out. First impression is great and I'm really thinking of having this as my default browser even in beta. There's still one thing that keeps me from it though. I dual boot Windows and Linux on my main machine and I would very much like to use the same session on both systems. In Firefox, which is my main browser right now, I could easily choose where my current session data is being stored by the browser. So naturally I have it on a drive which is shared between my operating systems. Firefox is set to use this folder in both Linux and Windows and works great. I miss this feature in Vivaldi, but I may have missed the option to change session directory. I can't find any setting for it though. Does anyone know if this is possible in Vivaldi yet, either as a default feature or with an extension? I've tried a few session extensions, but couldn't find any that allows me to change which folder the sessions should be stored in.

  • Short answer: no need to choose random dirs for select Vivaldi features - use symbolic links instead to change entire User Profile location. 😎
    Opera 12 usually had 2 dirs in a User Profile: in AppData Local and Roaming folders. Sessions folder was in Roaming. So far I see Vivaldi installing itself only to a Local folder, but I assume later it will be in both. After install, I usually changed both Local and Roaming Opera folders to a different drive to prevent C: volume fragmentation with numerous browser cache, icon, mail files. Its pretty simple and works 100%:

    • install Link Shell Extension, it's accessible from Win Explorer Context Menu
    • exit Vivaldi
    • create Vivaldi folder on a separate volume 😨
    • move existing Vivaldi folders in App Data Local and Roaming folders to it, rename to Local and Roaming
    • pick Vivaldi\Local on 😨 as a source, drop as symbolic link named Vivaldi in User's AppData\Local folder on C:
    • pick Vivaldi\Roaming on 😨 as a source, drop as symbolic link named Vivaldi in User's AppData\Roaming folder on C:
    • restart Vivaldi

    That's it. All Vivaldi User Profile files are now being permanently stored on 😨 . There was Opera folder in C:\Program Files, don't see it now for Vivaldi, but you don't need to move it anyway, though it might be a good idea to have one with Vivaldi.exe and other core files that don't change and aren't part of User Profile. I didn't try using common Vivaldi User Profile for Windows and Linux though, but you got the idea.

  • Of course! Symlinks is a nifty solution. Didn't think about it myself. Lucky there are forums like this. Thanks for the tip.


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