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  • In recent releases the Vivaldi team has given us the ability to customize most of the menus in the UI. For a thorough overview take a look at this blog post ⇒ By editing the entries of menus we can include emoji. I played around with this quite a bit and wanted to open a topic where users can share fitting emoji.

    I wouldn’t force emoji; for some entries there simply doesn’t exist a satisfying option and too many emoji can become overbearing in the UI. A good resource for selecting emoji is emojipedia. Different platforms display a different style of emoji for the same Unicode code point. Personally I use the Google variation (Noto Color Emoji), which is most prevalent on Android and Linux systems. You can compare the different styles on emojipedia. Following table matches emoji with menu‐entries.

    menu‐entry emoji name
    📁 File File Folder
    📂 Open File... Open File Folder
    📑 New Tab Bookmark Tabs
    📃 Save Page As... Page with Curl
    🖨️ Print... Printer
    📺 Cast... Television
    📥 Import Bookmarks and Settings Inbox Tray
    📤 Export Bookmarks... Outbox Tray
    🗓️ Calendar Spiral Calendar
    🗂️ Open Saved Session... Card Index Dividers
    💾 Save Open Tabs as Session... Floppy Disk
    💥 Exit Collision
    🖊️ Edit Pen
    🗡️ Cut Dagger
    💞 Copy Revolving Hearts
    📋 Paste Clipboard
    🐇 Paste and Go Rabbit
    🔍 Find in Page... Magnifying Glass Tilted Left
    👓 View Glasses
    🌍 Web Panels Globe showing Europe-Africa
    🖼️ Images and Animations / Thumbnails Framed Picture
    💙 Bookmarks Blue Heart
    🗜️ Tools Clamp
    🚀 Quick Commands... Rocket
    🧩 Extensions Puzzle Piece
    🕰️ History Mantelpiece Clock
    📓 Notes Notebook
    🌪️ Delete Browsing Data... Tornado
    🗑️ Delete Wastebasket
    🔧 Developer Tools Wrench
    🔄 Task Manager Counterclockwise Arrows Button
    ⁣🔲 Window Black Square Button
    🕵️ Private Window Detective
    🥷 Hide UI Ninja
    💢 Fullscreen Anger Symbol
    Help Question Mark
    🗨️ Vivaldi Forum Left Speech Bubble
    🎇 Vivaldi Welcome Tour Sparkler
    📰 Community Blogs Newspaper
    ⌨️ Keyboard Cheat Sheet Keyboard
    🪲 Report a Bug Beetle
    📜 About Scroll
    🚘 Move Tab Oncoming Automobile
    🔥 Close Other Tabs Fire
    🔇 Mute Other Tabs Muted Speaker
    💤 Hibernate Background Tabs Zzz
    🍒 Tile Tabs / Untile Tabs Cherries
    📌 Pin Tab / Unpin Tab Pushpin
    🔃 Periodic Reload / Reload Clockwise Vertical Arrows
    🧟 Reopen Closed Tab Zombie
    🎛️ Customize Control Knobs
    🌀 Panel Cyclone
    🗽 Status Bar Statue of Liberty
    🧿 Inspect Nazar Amulet
    🔩 Separate Width Nut and Bolt
    💻 Show Desktop Version Laptop
    📱 Show Mobile Version Mobile Phone
    🍫 Toolbar Chocolate Bar


    • The emoji in this table are escaped and will display the native version available on your system, instead of the nodeBB/forum emoji normally overriding the input.

    • If an emoji can’t be displayed/shows up empty on your system, it’s either an indicator for the emoji not being available in your font, or the font being outdated. Check emojipedia for information.

    • In case the emoji looks strange (no color, wrong width, &c.), it’s likely your current font has populated the Unicode code point with a symbol. Use an alternative emoji instead.

    • Recently we reported a bug concerning emoji display in the Vivaldi Button Menu (Application Menu). Should you see a string of question marks try this workaround.

  • @luetage said in Menu emoji customization:

    In following table I’m going to place the actual emoji instead of pictures

    Please code them out so that they can be copied.

  • @potmeklecbohdan What do you mean? I mean I get it, the forum has replaced all but 2 of the emoji and shows forum generated images instead, but they can still be copied and show up as native emoji when pasted. Hmm.

  • @luetage
    You have to quote this post to copy this: 📁
    But you can directly copy this: 📁

  • Didn’t think about putting them in code, but it makes sense, for it omits the forum emoji and shows you directly what you would get, thanks.

    edit: Gladly fixing this took only 2 minutes with a text editor, doing this manually would have brought me to tears probs… 💧

  • Has anyone tried adding an emoji to the Customize entry of the address bar buttons? Doesn’t seem to work on my end, the entry seems to refuse edits, although they show up and save in settings just fine.

  • @luetage (Don't do this if you've heavily customised the menu.) If you right-click the item (in the editor), you can tick Show list in folder, although it already is in a folder. Doing this will:

    • move the fixed-label item (in the real menu) one level deeper
    • force you to reset the menu coz the Show list in folder option is gone

    I think this is off-topic here, gonna flag you for mods. (done)

  • @potmeklecbohdan said in Menu emoji customization:

    off-topic here, gonna flag you for mods

    So v cheeky!

  • Moderator

    This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • How is this off topic?

  • Moderator

    This post is deleted!

  • I don’t understand anything anymore…

    Anyway, @potmeklecbohdan good find, can be customized with the downside of creating another level. There is no harm in trying it, “Restore Default Menu” only resets the selected menu, not all menus.

  • Moderator

    @luetage Does not work, and i tested in internal 3.5.2083 Daily.

  • @Steffie After 20 minutes of painful fiddling I got the emojis in vivaldi button menu to work.

    Screenshot from 2020-10-26 19-16-33.png

    • For the first and last entry this is enough: emoji+space+&name
    • One entry in between can look like this: &emoji+space+&name
    • The four remaining entries need special treatment. They basically look like this: specialcharacter+emoji+space+&name. The special character has to be different each time, or it will produce an unhealthy amount of fugly question marks. Pick a zero‐width invisible character from this page. I think I used zero‐width space, invisible separator, zero‐width joiner and left‐to‐right override. But you gotta play around with it. In the end it will work though.

    What still doesn’t work is keyboard navigation, as in pressing the underlined character on your keyboard. This breaks for the entry as soon as an emoji is introduced, doesn’t matter where in the line—which is an offense worth a report.

  • @luetage Good job. It was too annoying to fiddle with and I end to put the emojis after the text. Lazy way.

  • Moderator

    @luetage Good find. What a strange bug this is.

  • @Hadden89 Wait, aren’t you on Windows? Asking because I thought this was a Linux‐only issue.

  • @luetage The misalign of text and the emojis may happen on win too. But I didn't test this too much to swear on it for the other things.
    I may consider to reset the menu and see what it happens.

  • @luetage Well... It happens on win too 😃

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