How can I import extensions from chrome?

  • Since vivaldi browser can install extensions directly from chrome store, Is there any way to import extensions directly from chrome's profile directory?

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    No, you cant import extensions and their data from Chromium.
    You have to install them in Vivaldi.

  • Any plan to introduce this functionality ?
    can I fill a functionality request somewhere ?

  • Lets bumb this issue, shall we.

    So I've installed Vivaldi after I read a couple of blogs.
    I myself am I web developper for as well back-end and front-end.

    Why I never switched from Chrome is because of the extensions (and since recently the Mobile(responsive) dev mode).
    Edge for example is getting better scores on page load etc. But still Chrome won for me ty to it's extensions.

    One of the first things I tried in Vivaldi was to get my beloved extensions in Vivaldi. I figured quite quick that you just can't import extensions.
    For as far I know, and have seen, this browser uses A LOT of chrome. Since extensions are also downloaded as a file (bookmarks too, you can even alter them in code as you will probably know), why can't this be automatically imported?

    Took me +30mins to test this browser on just all settings it has. It will take me another 30mins to install AND configure my beloved extensions :(

    For the record: so far this is my ONLY negative comment on this browser. With other words: Keep it up guys. Good stuff this is

  • There are currently two ways of migrating Chrome extensions to Vivaldi:

    1. Open the Chrome Web Store in Vivaldi and add each extension manually. These will be downloaded again.

    2. Enable developer mode in Chrome, pack each extension manually and drag the resulting files into Vivaldi.

  • Same here, for me it is my only rough spot with Vivaldi.
    I use TrueKey which works well in chrome but is not available in the chrome store, plenty more Extensions you can add to Chrome or chrome based browsers that cant be found in the store, importing them ( or the option to do so) would save a lot of time and frustration for many.
    How the devs did not consiter this is beyond me, but other than that this is a very enjoyable browser "so far"

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    The devs have both considered, and plan to adopt, literally dozens of things which are not yet finished being coded, or the infrastructure set up. The current state of the browser should possibly be thought of as a preview of things to come, not a finished product. Features are under heavy development, and we are seeing on average about one new feature a week being added.

  • You can import the extensions using the function "import not packed extension" (not sure about the exact english wording)

    Point the filemanager dialog to the intended extension's folder and you're done.

    You may need to temporarily rename any file inside the extension folder starting with _

  • but then I think you will always be using the extensions directly from your Chrome profile, so they will only get updated when you use Chrome, and they will disappear if you remove them from Chrome or uninstall Chrome.

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    @The_Solutor said in How can I import extensions from chrome?:

    You can import the extensions using the function "import not packed extension"

    No, that is not a import.
    You mean activating Developer Mode and Load unpacked extension?
    This function is for developing extensions who are not residing in Vivaldi's profile folder. The extension is opened from this external folder.
    I do not propose this use for regular users!

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