Http:// cant watch any of the programmes

  • Hi Folks, After hearing about Vivaldi on Jupiter Broadcasting I thought I would give it ago since I loved Opera all those years ago. My first test was to see if channel4 worked and it turns out after installing Adobe Flash I'm still unable to view the programs. Any input would be much appreciated. Thankjs Class--

  • Moderator OD stream requires DRM, which can be handled by NPAPI flash, but NOT by PPAPI flash. All Chromium-based browsers are moving or have moved to PPAPI Flash, and NPAPI Flash is being deprecated across the board and soon will not be supported in any browser.

    For now, one will have to use a browser which supports NPAPI, until and the various warring browsers get their shit together.

  • Ahh thank you so much for that explination. That clears it up perfectly.




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