How to view multiple web pages side by side – no extensions

  • I found out about this when I switched to Vivaldi a year or so ago. It's such an awesome feature that I didn't know I needed! 😉

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    @Pesala While waiting for them to implement this feature, you can duplicate the card and place them side by side horizontally, so you have about the effect you need.

    This is one of those functions that i couldn't do without.

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    @Folgore101 As I said, that is what I do, except that my primary monitor is 1200x1600 portrait, so I clone the tab and tile them horizontally. Two shortcuts for me: Alt+C then Shift+T.

    Concatenate Commands would be a more versatile solution as one would not need two commands for Clone Vertically, and Clone Horizontally. Users could just create their own command strings to assign to any shortcut, as we can in Opera 12.18. For example, I have this to clear browsing data and then exit the browser:

    Ctrl+Shift+Q = Delete private data & click default button & Delay, 1 & Exit

    I also have a Split Button that uses Javascript (courtesy of Sgunhouse IIRC). First click splits the tab horizontally, a second click splits it vertically, and a long click reloads the page to remove the split.

    Go to page,"javascript:(function(f){if(f)if(f.rows){f.cols=f.rows;f.removeAttribute('rows')}else{f.rows=f.cols;f.removeAttribute('cols')}else{var w=window,d=document,html=d.documentElement.outerHTML;d.write('<title>'+d.title+'</title><frameset rows=\'50%,50%'+'\' id=\'fset__\'><frame id=\'f1\'><frame id=\'f2\'></frameset>');w.f1.document.write(html);w.f2.document.write(html)}})(window.fset__)",1,"Split(H+V)"

    Split Tab.gif

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