Keyboard shortcut for going up one directory

  • Something that the reintroduction of backspace navigation in 1.0.321.3 reminded me of: In Opera 12 and earlier, you could hit Ctrl-Backspace (Cmd-BackDelete on Macs) to go up a directory. This was especially useful back in the days when many internet resources were on FTP servers and many websites' page URLs corresponded to actual directories on the servers' filesystems, but even on today's Web, many sites (e.g. most WordPress-based ones) still use user-friendly URL schemes with slash-delimited hierarchy levels. So having "Go Up One Directory" as an item in keyboard preferences would be nice. On a related note: Will keyboard shortcuts always be just a limited, set action list for which you can assign keys, or is it planned to eventually be like Opera 12-, where you could actually add your own commands using a certain grammar? (The flexibility of that system included allowing Action alternatives, separated by pipes, to be strung together, so that if one action wasn't possible in the present context, an alternative action could be done instead.)

  • I'd love to have Up one directory mouse gesture (up-left in Opera) - I used it a lot there.

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    That keytroke is one of fixes to do for shortcuts (like these in ol' Opera) in developers pipeline.
    Already registered as feature/bug request VB-7747

  • I agree.

    In the days when opera was still not available on linux, I was an heavy Konqueror user, and the up button that worked on local fs, ftp, and web addresses was a great feature.

    TBH i never realized that opera had a similar feature.


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