• When pinning a tab and then pressing ctrl+tab to switch to another tab the top bar with the tab goes to the bottom and then stays there and the ctrl+tab doesnt work after that, even after closing the pinned tab [attachment=1941]Capture.PNG[/attachment] EDIT: it seems to happen only when the show tab cycler option is ticked Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/69487/Capture.PNG[/img]

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    I cannot reproduce the problem on Windows 7 64-bit using 32-bit Vivaldi Beta.

  • It happened something similar to me some time ago.
    It was related to tabs, but not to ctrl+tab.
    I played a little with settings and the top part of the browser went to the bottom like in your case (not just the tabs, also the window buttons)
    Then I closed and reopened the browser and I never had this problem again


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