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  • AlternativeTo is a website where people go to look for alternative software. There you can read about features, user opinions, see screenshots and check apps available for your OS/platform.

    I rewrote Vivaldi's entry recently to give a better view of the browser's features:

    What do you think? What are the important functionalities that make you choose Vivaldi over the other browser alternatives? Anything else worth adding to the description (it's pretty big)?

    Login to the website to like Vivaldi and make it more prominent among the suggestions, post a comment or review telling what's the stuff you like. This will help more users discover and test Vivaldi. 😊

    You can also access the other browsers' pages and suggest Vivaldi as the best alternative if you see fit (if the browser really has some feature parity, Vivaldi does something better than it on your OS/platform, a more ethical choice or another reason), and add a comment explaining why do you think it's.

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    @rluik thanks a mil for your great help and pointing it out. We're also reviewing it internally to align it with our current communication strategy. 🙂

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    @rluik It is unfortunate that web designers do not understand the importance of contrast. The text is hard to read, and only needs a slight change to make it acceptable for most users, especially those with colour-blindness.

    Poor Contrast.png

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    @Pesala , true, although with black and white filters and intensifying improves something.
    It's still a highly useful page. I left a comment on Vivaldi a long time ago (2018).
    Anyway I have left a comment regarding the design in the forum

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    Excelente, Rafael:) I am a little late due to power issue. You know how they are.

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