Open blank new tab for Google Art Project.

  • I have to say I live Vivaldi. I used Opera 12 for a long time, until everything switched to HTML5 and it got serious problems. I switchted then to Comodo Dragon (Chrome) and I got used to it, but still missed many things from Opera. So I was happy when Vivaldi was available, but one simple thing bugs me about Vivaldi. In Chrome, if you open a new tab it is blank, and with the Add-On Google Art Project every time a new painting is displayed, which I really liked. Now with Vivaldi a new tab will always open speed dial, which personally I don't need. I didn't find any option to change this. Is there one, or could you implement one?

  • I still would love this feature, since 3 months passed and no reaction happend, I humbly wanted to push this thread and to ask, if I atleast could get an answer.

  • Moderator

    At this state of defvelopment changing background of a tab by a extension like "Google Art Project" is not applicable.
    I investigate if this could be done or if it is in development pipeline.

    I asked for such feature now as bugreport VB-12292

  • Thanks, looking forward to it.


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