Console problems on Linux

  • I've experienced several problems with the console one, but only on Linux (Ubuntu). When getting suggestions I get a list of options. (Let's say I type "wi" I get "window" and "with" as suggestions.) However arrows keys doesn't work so I have to use the mouse to chose the right one. Even worse is that I can't use arrow keys to repeat last statement or browse through the history. Am I the only one with this problem?

  • Sorry, but I don't understand your problem. What do you mean with 'console one'? If you are talking about the URL bar, there I don't have any problems scrolling through the suggestions by the arrow keys.
    I just upgraded to Ubuntu 15.10 (Unity desktop) and use Vivaldi 1.0.303.32 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit).

  • I mean the developer tools. Right click any element and click inspect element. Then either push "ESCAPE" or click the console-tab. There you can debug javascript or type instructions to the browser. As mentioned I tried "Wi" which resulted in two suggestions.

  • Now I got it. 🙂 Using this window:


    in Ubuntu 15.10 with Vivaldi 1.0.303.32 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit) I can confirm that the arrow keys don't work with this drop down menu.

  • Thanks for verifying. Neither Opera nor Chrome has this problem on Ubunti. And as mentioned it works on Windows. As a web developer it is a very annoying bug. For everyone else I guess it doesn't matter.

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    Bug is reported for Linux and known as "VB-8499 - Up and down cursor keys in developer tools do nothing"


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