Add a new search engine

  • How do I add as a search engine in the latest snapshot 64bit?

  • You can add StartPage to your search engines list with this URL:

  • Try this…
    In Vivaldi's menu: Tools > Settings > Search > Add New Search Engine, then:
    in the URL box, insert:
    in the Description box, insert: StartPage
    in the Nickname box, insert: s
    Check the 'Set as Default' box (if desired)
    Click on the 'Add' button

    Note: the URL entry described above should be preceeded by the https:// characters that you can see if you hover over what has rendered in this post as a shorter-appearing link title. It is best to simply copy the link address and paste it into the URL box.

    A prior version update (1.0.303.23 or .27) wiped out my StartPage search engine entry and I had to copy this from an older Vivaldi version to get it to reappear. Now, it works fine.

  • My IXQuick string has an extra "cmd=process_search" parameter in it

    Works like a charm. I haven't been able to figure out what the "engine0=v1all" parameter does. My gut feeling tells me that that is how you control whether you use Google results, EU results, etc etc.

    Like you, the cutie cutie little icon is missing, but hey - there are worse things in the world, no?

  • It took me a lot of searching to figure that out since SP's "Add to Chrome" function doesn't work and Vivaldi's Add Custom Search option doesn't appear when I right click on it. But now it is my default search in both Vivaldi and Pale Moon. Being an artist, I wish I could figure out how to have a separate SP image search without having to do that extra click every time, like I have "g" for Google and "gis" for Google image search.

    There is one oddity with SP in Vivaldi. If I search from itself instead of the address bar, if that tab is hibernated or Vivaldi is restarted then I lose that search. Only if I search using the address bar will the page reload properly.

    On a semi-related note: the latest update asked for opinions of Yahoo! being made the default search engine. In short, Yahoo! can bite my shiny metal ass. Years ago I used Pidgin to connect to Gtalk, MySpace and facebook chats, AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo! Messenger (still do Gtalk, ICQ, and fb). Every day I got as many spam from YM as I did from the other services in a month – combined! When I complained to them about the uselessness of their spam filters, their snarky reply was "Just ignore those messages." Since then I have never passed up an opportunity to bad mouth them.

  • The following work for me using Vivaldi 1.3.551.13 (Developer Build) (64-bit):

    Classic Startpage:



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