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  • How do I add as a search engine in the latest snapshot 64bit?

  • You can add StartPage to your search engines list with this URL:

  • Try this…
    In Vivaldi's menu: Tools > Settings > Search > Add New Search Engine, then:
    in the URL box, insert:
    in the Description box, insert: StartPage
    in the Nickname box, insert: s
    Check the 'Set as Default' box (if desired)
    Click on the 'Add' button

    Note: the URL entry described above should be preceeded by the https:// characters that you can see if you hover over what has rendered in this post as a shorter-appearing link title. It is best to simply copy the link address and paste it into the URL box.

    A prior version update (1.0.303.23 or .27) wiped out my StartPage search engine entry and I had to copy this from an older Vivaldi version to get it to reappear. Now, it works fine.

  • There are a few search engine options currently being offered by IXQUICK. I discovered a few things that might be important to those of us wanting to use the following search engines: - google search results without tracking etc… - same as - the former ixquick search engine with search results NOT from google

    Those who are familiar with these engines might also aware the search results from startpage were coming from google search results but without all the tracking among other things. But IxQuick search results did not come from Google.

    IxQuick has recently announced that and are now giving the same exact search results and it does not seem to matter which one you use. However, there is the option to get the former iXQuick search engine by accessing the following url: and the search results are not from Google.

    In trying to manually add these search engines in Vivaldi, I noticed some peculiar things. There is an option to enable the search field to the right of the address bar in Vivaldi so we can enter search criteria and choose any of the search engines we have configured. I will use as the example but the problems exist in all 3 search engines from IxQuick

    When I enter search strings in the search field to the right of the address bar with Startpage as the search engine, the search is not executed. It takes me to This is the main page for the startpage search engine where you can enter your search criteria in the center of the page, much like other search engines. Even though we can re-enter our search criteria here, this defeats the purpose of having the search field enabled to the right side of the address bar, right? I have tried the different URLs when configuring the search engine in Vivaldi settings. I even decided to install Google Chrome and followed the instructions to add the search engine "startpage". The URL that was used is for startpage in Chrome is as follows:

    The above URL allowed me to search properly from the search field to the right of the address bar in Vivaldi.
    But it created another small glitch: All the search engines have a nice little icon next to them. No icon is there to represent the Startpage search engine. I can get the icon to appear if I use the following URL for the Startpage search engine:

    The above URL allowed me to configure the Startpage search engine and also retain the icon.

    Now, for the remaining 2 search engines from IXQuick, I experienced the same exact issues. I want to have the ability to search directly from the search field to the right of the address bar in Vivaldi while keeping the icon for the search engine in tact. A very minor, and probably over-looked issue that many might not worry over. I just wanted to mention this to any other detail oriented end users who also had the same concerns

    I hope this was useful to someone. I do not know the exact URL for using the other 2 search engines maintained by IXQuick right now but I am sure it would work by applying the same principles I used to configure StartPage.
    I welcome and encourage Any other information that applies to what I have tried or anything someone else knows that makes these issues more clear and possibly give other ideas or options to resolve these things. I'm a former Opera 12.xx user and I find myself using Vivaldi so much that I would say 95% of the time I am debugging little issues and searching for ways to improve it. I love the vision here with Vivaldi and support all the efforts to bring this wonderful browser into the fold. It is well received. Thanks!

  • My IXQuick string has an extra "cmd=process_search" parameter in it

    Works like a charm. I haven't been able to figure out what the "engine0=v1all" parameter does. My gut feeling tells me that that is how you control whether you use Google results, EU results, etc etc.

    Like you, the cutie cutie little icon is missing, but hey - there are worse things in the world, no?

  • Oh definitely. I've got no problem with the icon just as long as I know I'm using startpage and we can do that just fine. But I did mention it to Startpage support also. Have no idea if the read the bugz reported by end users but it was worth a try

    I have to come back to this thread every time I re-install after wiping my browser because I always forget the search string that keeps that little icon in tact, which by the way does seem to work for me when I use

    The above used to give me search ability from the right of the address bar while retaining the icon. Now it doesn't. I was almost ready to wipe Vivaldi with all my other browsers because of this PITA malware that forced all my browsers to open up to search engine or something and I just could not get rid of it. I was actually happy when I noticed Vivaldi did not get targeted by the attack. I removed all my search engines though. But as it turns out it wasn't affected which leads me to think that Vivaldi might not be targeted as much as other top browsers. It does not seem to be recognized as chromium based by alot of the malware out there . I'm sure those predators will be updating that in the near future though. For now, that just makes me like and appreciate Vivaldi. They get good buzz around the web now and are being compared to Chrome, FireFox and Opera in alot of browser comparisons and I think they rate very well performance wise.

  • It took me a lot of searching to figure that out since SP's "Add to Chrome" function doesn't work and Vivaldi's Add Custom Search option doesn't appear when I right click on it. But now it is my default search in both Vivaldi and Pale Moon. Being an artist, I wish I could figure out how to have a separate SP image search without having to do that extra click every time, like I have "g" for Google and "gis" for Google image search.

    There is one oddity with SP in Vivaldi. If I search from itself instead of the address bar, if that tab is hibernated or Vivaldi is restarted then I lose that search. Only if I search using the address bar will the page reload properly.

    On a semi-related note: the latest update asked for opinions of Yahoo! being made the default search engine. In short, Yahoo! can bite my shiny metal ass. Years ago I used Pidgin to connect to Gtalk, MySpace and facebook chats, AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo! Messenger (still do Gtalk, ICQ, and fb). Every day I got as many spam from YM as I did from the other services in a month – combined! When I complained to them about the uselessness of their spam filters, their snarky reply was "Just ignore those messages." Since then I have never passed up an opportunity to bad mouth them.

  • I've experimented with some different parameters for the Startpage search engine in Vivaldi settings, with mixed results. Alot of times, we can just type the typical url and it gives us the correct tile for the search engine but it does not do anything when entering search criteria in the address bar or the search field to the right of the address bar.
    Startpage: htttp://

    If I use the above url and then search from the address bar or search field to the right of the address bar, the search criteria I enter is just ignored and the result is I end up redirected to the webpage where Startpage gives me the search box in the middle of the page. I am going to recreate what you were just saying to see how that plays out as I want to find a way to get this to work. Maybe it's unrelated or perhaps it isn't but even when I configure the Startpage search settings in Vivaldi so I get suggestive search results, it does not give me anything. If I type in something like "Samsung Gal" usually the search engine will give suggestions in the pull down menu that might show something like :

    Samsung Galaxy
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5

    In Google and DuckDuckGo and even other search engines, the suggestions work fine but nothing happens when using Startpage.

    I have also tried to configure the Vivaldi search settings by entering the url with parameters that are used for Startpage when it is installed as a search engine in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer and that revealed some of the functions of the string data used. For example:


    These strings were from Firefox and Google respectively, & both work when for Startpage in Vivaldi. The search criteria is executed and search results are given. One thing I wanted to know was what exactly does the following string do?


    The above string is what is used after the url pointing to DuckDuckGo in the search settings. Is this doing something for Vivaldi or is this some sort of integrated way of getting DuckDuckGo to properly function within Vivaldi? I find it a bit peculiar because I was able to remove "&t=vivaldi" and it functioned perfectly. It makes me curious as to what is being endorsed or promoted. I do not mind supporting any of the entities that are giving us good tools for improving how we work online but I prefer to know what these entities are doing and why as opposed to being utilized without prior knowledge or without being accused of not reading some fine print that most of us just do not take time to do when installing or using basic tools for online functionality. A web browser has disclaimers and they do have fine print for us to evaluate before using. But most people do not assume 'Oh they are violating my privacy or making money off of everything I am doing online"

    There's so much to consider these days before we choose a web browser. Sometimes we choose a browser and sacrifice features for privacy but then maybe another browser we end up sacrificing privacy for more functionality. Not to mention, extensions can be very tricky in that many are actually following every move we make and specifically state the data we are giving the extension access to. If everyone reads this information for an extension they are thinking about using, they might just reconsider. Because it's been said that alot of extensions are stealing our data without us realizing that they either are doing it without our consent or we agreed to let them take it by installing and using their product except they are not very forthright in how they reveal the information to us that spells it out

    Anyway, it's a given Startpage is one of the more preferred ways to lock down a system at least in part because to be 100% locked down and secure is almost impossible at best and all we can do is become better informed users with good sensible skills that help us to be on top of what is actually going on behind the scenes, if this is at all possible. It never hurts to know these things, that's for sure. Hope Startpage is given some attention so it can be adequately configured/installed in Vivaldi with proper functionality. I for one think the correction lies in the string we use in vivaldi://settings/search/

  • The following work for me using Vivaldi 1.3.551.13 (Developer Build) (64-bit):

    Classic Startpage:


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