What programming languege and framework does Vivaldi use?

  • QT or something else? just curious about that as i am planning to develop a cross-platform app as my own.

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    The engine is Google's Chromium/Blink.

    The interface is, quoting the team, "We use JavaScript and React to create the user interface with the help of Node.js and a long list of NPM modules. "

  • QT is compiled.
    They use a non-compiled interface.
    So html, css and javascript frameworks.
    The interface is just a blank html sheet, then they use js to handle user clicks and they use the css to draw the page.
    I hope I understood it ok back at the time, and that I explained it well xD

  • It's probably not the same software, but if you want a framework similar to how vivaldi works, you should check out github's electron software.

    It's basically node.js, and chromium set up as a way to make apps in html, css and javascript. It's also used in Github's atom text editor, and used to be called atom shell.

    You can build your own custom setup for any node modules you want, but you can also just check out some of the apps other people have made.

    By itself you could totally run most standalone html5 apps as desktop programs.

    Here's a list of software built with electron


    Here's the actual electron website


    Just creating an app is about as easy as creating a website and sticking it in a folder, but you'll need to know javascript, html, and css pretty well if you want to go farther than that. Just using the standalone version of electron anyway, which uses it's own node.js fork and copy of chromium self contained in one folder.

    You can also install it from node.js if you want.


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