Feature request: freeze tabs

  • Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to freeze and unfreeze each tab. What often happens is this: I'm just reading a news article on a webpage, but somehow (perhaps because of javascripts or flash contents) the particular tab consumes significant CPU time (say 20%). In such a case, I just want to freeze the tab. (By the way, is it possible to identify the process (as in the Unix terminology) and send it a suspend signal from the terminal to freeze it? Just curious.) Ryo

  • If Javascript and Flash content are bothering you, it's not necessary to 'freeze' a tab. You can manage Javascript and plugins by entering chrome://settings/content into the url bar. There you'll find the possibility of disabling and exceptions for this kind of content.

  • There is a chrome plugin called 'The Great Suspender'
    You can google for methods to install chrome extensions on Vivaldi. I have it installed rn

  • I agree. I want there to be a setting in Vivaldi to freeze the tab.

    I tried out The Great Suspender. I like it because most of my tabs can be frozen no problem. I just wish they would load up quicker when I unfreeze them.

    That's what I want in Vivaldi, and I think it's their goal too. To have all these features baked in the browser so you don't need extensions. And it makes these features work so much better natively than extensions to achieve the same thing would.

    One thing I want with freezing tabs that would be really nice is this: Imagine you have tabs frozen upon startup like Firefox, but instead of clicking on them loaded, you still see the page, and can still move around in the page(as it's image or cache or whatever) but either a few seconds into navigating through the page unfreezes it or clicking on something else unfreezes it.

    This way, you'd have the tab frozen, saving resources and processes, but it'd be an innovative way to continue adding tabs as long as they get frozen.

    Is there anything like this, and can Vivaldi make this happen?

  • Thank you. That's exactly my vision, too!

    kliew: Thank you for the information about "The Great Suspender". I'll give it a try.

  • Thanks, but sorry that's not what I was talking about. I generally need JavaScript and Flash. What I want is a tab-by-tab setting that can be changed quickly. Imagine that you click on a button near the upper-right corner of the Vivaldi window and then the Javascript and Flash on that particular tab, and only those, are suspended; when you click on the button, they are started.

  • I'm glad you share my vision on it!

    Let's give a shout out to Vivaldi to let them know we want this!

  • @D0J0P:

    I tried out The Great Suspender. I like it because most of my tabs can be frozen no problem. I just wish they would load up quicker when I unfreeze them.

    I'm now testing The Great Suspender. What's not good about it is that it doesn't show the contents of the suspended webpage. When you click on it, the extension reloads it.

    But, I just want the suspended contents to remain displayed. There may be some technical difficulty to achieve what I want. . . .

  • Yes, that's what I don't like about it either.

    In one of my previous posts up when I showed you my vision of freezing tabs, I mentioned that I wanted the contents to still be displayed while being frozen. If it could do that even on startup, then that would be awesome.

    Firefox freezes tabs on startup. But once you click on those tabs, the page loads. If you could have the page contents frozen in place but still viewable, scrollable, then that would be better. And it would unfreeze upon either a few seconds into the page or when you click on something in a page. There would have to be some sort of natural and responsive way to tell when the tab should unfreeze itself, in a way that is least disruptive to us. I've mentioned a little bit on how to do that, but Vivaldi will have to do some more brainstorming on how to do that.

    That's my vision that I've explained.

  • @D0J0P:

    I agree. I want there to be a setting in Vivaldi to freeze the tab.

    I very much support this feature request.
    I really would like that tabs do never update without a manual reload and that I always can switch to tabs to see the content exactly as it was when I last had a view on it.
    This preferred behavior is also the reason I can not consider bookmarks as a replacement for large number of (stacked) tabs.


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