Why Vivaldi is one of the best browsers for Linux

  • @pavelbisik: Ditto. For me order of use is Pop_OS! 19.10 / Ubuntu 19.10 / Android / Win10. I don't remember the last time I had an issue. Probably when sync was first introduced.

  • How about support of the Middle click scrolling for Linux version?

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    @ikhider Vivaldi publishes its privacy policies. They could be sued for violating them. Vivaldi code is 100% auditable. You may read it end-to-end if you want to see what the browser is doing.

    Yes, there will be a calendar, and it will be cal-dav compatible.

    Of course their are gaps. Vivaldi is very young, and there will be gap-filling as long as it is in development - which one hopes will be after I'm dead and gone.

  • @rl33: "FOSS" is not a synonym of "best", even on Linux. It often is, but not always.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Most Linux users use linux because linux is free and open source software (FOSS).
    Vivaldi is neither. (No, just having the source code available is not enough).

    I would really like Vivaldi as my main browser, but I can't combine that with this philosophy.
    Why don't you put vivaldi under a free license, like the GPL or if you prefer the MIT license?

    This would also have the advantage that Vivaldi could finally be in the official repositories and Arch users would no longer have to download it from the AUR.

    Then Vivaldi would really be one of the best browsers for Linux, maybe even the best.

    LLAP \//

  • @georg-lehmann it would not only satisfy people who just want freedom but potentially would make it grow (unless they'd decide otherwise like many other "FOSS" projects do, I won't be naming them but I'm pretty sure we all know few)

  • Vivaldi being a proprietary browser will be a turn off for some linux users.Then again not every linux user uses linux because of the FOSS philosophy.

    I use linux because it simply works and does not give me the headaches windows used to.I can also understand why vivaldi would close source their own code as it prevents copying or theft and also you would have vivaldi clones popping up also.

    Vivaldi does run very well here on puppy linux i should add.

  • I use Vivaldi in Elementary OS = excellent experience.

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