Vivaldi 2.11 improves Pop-out video

  • @Stardust yeah I don't like it too. It is so annoying now, because I ussually keep cursor on video and move cursor ro change volume etc. and that icon is disturbing! I can't watch hq videos because of it πŸ˜•

    Can you add settings for turning it off?

  • @Pathduck Thank you, that did the trick for me as well and everything is back to normal. Thanks again for your help!

  • New Vivaldi user; switched from Chrome, tested Brave and Opera and came back to Vivaldi. But I'm with the "why won't this button go away?" gang. Every video, the little white button I'll never use, ever, hangs there like a cloud in my otherwise clear sky.

    But I love you anyway, Vivaldi. In spite of your cloud. Now fix it.

  • VIvaldi started crashing for me after updating. Probably crashed at least 10x now seemingly pretty randomly. Also had some youtube tabs become completely black, the entire vivaldi window.

  • BTW it is so annoying when I accidentally click on the Miniplayer button on YouTube. 😑

    alt text

  • @Nekomajin said in Vivaldi 2.11 improves Pop-out video:

    Dropdown panel, select video by title? Or pop out only the video which is playing/paused?

    Seems messy, when a simple button over the video you're looking at does the same job.

    @Nekomajin said in Vivaldi 2.11 improves Pop-out video:

    but this overlay button should be improved in every browser, not just Vivaldi.

    That's not true. Opera and Maxthon have great implementations of this feature and have had it for a quite a while.

    Both allow bigger than 1/4 screen size,
    They have a time scrubber, and volume control on maxthon,
    They allow disabling of the feature,
    They don't have it show on gif's etc.
    The icon on Maxthon is outside the video frame so isn't as annoying,
    Maxthon also opens the popup the same size as the video on the page, so you don't have to resize every time just to see anything.

    Neither browser is using the default Chromium PiP code (definitely not Maxthon) but they are much more refined. I think a lot of the issues is working around the default Chromium code. The Vivaldi team don't have to recreate the wheel here, most of the groundwork is there, they just need to work on the user facing things to make it work with the Chromium implementation of PiP.

    Hopefully the next few revisions really cleans up the user experience of it.

  • @7twenty
    I was talking about the button, not the whole player.

    This feature should be implemented at JS level, so each site should handle it natively, instead of the browser messing with it. There should be a fallback option for sites, which does not implement it, possibly in the context menu.

  • I've previously been using a seperate application for watching YouTube in a PIP window (myTube via Microsoft Store) but it's glitchy and has issues, such as not rendering the next autoplayed video and occasionally having the UI freak out.

    Really happy to see this addition to Vivaldi, and it works on more than just YouTube which is even better!

  • PIP shows a black or transparent rectangle, that's it. Not clickable nor movable. For YT videos and Twitch streams at least that's what happens. Otherwise great, thanks!

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    @Atrilla If you use AMD graphics, that is a driver issue and may be solved by disabling Hardware Acceleration in Vivaldis Settings β†’ Webpages.

  • pop out video is so wonderful .

  • Hallo. I want to propose an addendum. "close the tab with the right click. now it only has a close with
    a double click thenks πŸ™‚

  • @orionra Close Tab is on the Tab Context menu. One can also use middle-click.

  • @rnixon: yeah, so annoying. isn't vivaldi supposed to be about customization, not "our way or the highway"?

  • @Swashbuckler There’s always going to be a limit to what can be achieved by the small team of developers. There are currently about 2,500 feature requests β€” many of them much more important than yet another way to close tabs:

    • Double-click
    • Middle-click
    • Left-click on close tab button
    • Right-click, close
    • Assignable keyboard shortcut
    • Assignable mouse gesture
    • Close in Window Panel ...

  • How to turn-off this pop-out video button!?

    (mod edit: language)

  • I am using chrome until I can shut off that annoying box in the middle of all videos and even gifs. What the?

  • @pesala: You know your browser is very good as is when you start adding in things that make it worse, just so you can keep adding in things.

  • @stardepp: it was either the lid for the trash can or a way to shut off the pip box. Can only do so much each release.

  • Just an idle question: how is it that the video button everyone wants gone is seemingly one of the few things that you can't manipulate with CSS (like, to hide it)?

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