Browser problems

  • im using vivaldi tech preview ,and i find it very useful especially the bookmarks panel and the loading speed is fast,but there are some issues that i would like to notify , they are as below'- 1. the automatic updater just stops at half way and everytime i have to manually download the snapshots from vivaldi site, although the updater notification dialog box shows up ever time a update is available but clicking on the update e only starts downloading and stops at midway and an error message pops out saying im not connected to internet, i don' t know whether this is a''bug'' or something else. 2- the browser doesn't remember window position, every time i start it it will go to default window size ,even though i have customized browser perimeter , 3. i use duck duck go as search engine on vivaldi, but every time i set the theme for the search engine, the theme is not remembered, i don't know whether its because of browser or the search engine ,but i feel i should note it too 4.there is no choices for history management, there is no choice to set it to erase history on browser closing ,which is available in 'firefox'',and cache cleaning, adding this choices will be very helthese are my experience so far, will post more when anything pos out, thanks


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