New Tab selects Address bar

  • I've noticed recently (version 2.10.1745.26) that if I have the cursor in the search field, and create a new tab, my cursor jumps to the address bar (sometimes with a delay). I know that it did not do this previously, as I am using muscle-memory to make a new tab.

    Often times, I may want to search something, realize I want to keep my current tab open, create a new tab, and finish typing. Often times, I don't look at the browser (looking at another window or what have you), and now I am finishing typing in the address bar!

    Help: what setting do I need to tell it that the cursor should stay put when I create a new tab?

    Thank you all for the help!

  • @matt-schumacher Use Shift+Enter to open the search results in a new tab. Ctrl+Enter will open the results in a new background tab, but it will also open an extra start page (a known bug).

    You can also go to Settings, Search, and enable Always Search in New Tab.

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