Snapshot - Private browsing mode and improved web panels.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, Today we add in a long requested feature, private browsing. We have also done further work on web panels. Private browsing This is the first implementation of private browsing in Vivaldi. To browse in private mode use "File → New Private Window". This is a great feature for browsing embarrassing web sites that you don't want recorded in your history. When browsing privately, the info badge and lines through the address field will give you subtle, visual clues that you are using this mode. Private Window URL Bar Please test this carefully. Since it is our first implementation it might not be bug free. Let us know if you find ways of leaking data. Web Panel improvements The web panel feature was rewritten to make it work better. The issue with being able to open links inside the main browser window is fixed. We also decreased the height of the the panel title bar and offer an option to hide it completely. The back and reload buttons have been combined into a home button that brings the panel back to its initial page and reloads it—context menus allow for more precise history navigation. //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • Thank you for adding an option for disabling smooth-scrolling! It was almost unusable for me, the command line argument didn't really help!
    It's much better now, but I still think there's a small delay when scrolling. Maybe it's just me?
    Also, I don't know if it was mentioned somewhere, but what about an option which says "Pressing TAB only selects form elements"? (I believe that was standard in Opera?)
    And again: You're doing a great job. I already use Vivaldi as my main browser. Just make it quicker/more responsive.

  • Speed Dial contents disappeared in this version - the Speed Dial in empty for me.. Curiously enough, the SD contents do appear in the Bookmarks file, and I still have a Speed Dial folder in the bookmarks manager with some of the original data (first six items).

    Hmm, now it is back. I tried to add my sites to Speed Dial as if the SD really was empty, and while that didn't work (the Add button didn't do anything that I could observe), suddenly SD returned to all its former glory. Though the browser seems to behave rather erratically - I had four panels open (Bookmarks, Vivaldi Forums, this post at V.F., Speed Dial) and the fourth one wasn't accessible by mouse, I had to use CTRL+2 until I selected it; since then it is accessible by mouse but the third one is not).

    Update: When I quit and restart the browser, SD once again displays empty content. As soon as I press the "+" button at the top of the page, the content is back and seems to remain there.

  • Moderator

    This has been reported more than once. However, I think for most people it has gone away after a re-start and stayed gone. Certainly, that has been the case for me.

    And by that I mean the PROBLEM has stayed gone, not the Speed Dial.

  • @Ayespy:

    This has been reported more than once.

    I am sure it did, but I didn't see any of those reports.

    However, I think for most people it has gone away after a re-start and stayed gone.

    I have to press + every time I start Vivaldi to get my SD back.

    Another problem with this version: Quite frequently, if I open a link in background tab (using middle mouse button), the data gets downloaded (as evidenced by both Vivaldi's progress bar and my proxy server's logs, as well as the tab's source code) but the tab remains blank. Even if I refresh (F5) the tab, it still remains blank. I have to copy the URL and paste it into a new tab, then the content loads again but this time the tab appears. This behavior might be specific to Vivaldi 32bit on 64bit Windows, I don't know.

  • Moderator

    I think everyone has been seeing that bug. If you have, as I do, a ton or RAM, you see it much less - but you do see it. That, and the instance of just opening a new tab by following a link after you have a lot of tabs, and having it stay blank white.


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