Browser Benchmarks: RIP PeaceKeeper

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    Futuremark's [url=]PeaceKeeper benchmark[/url] that I have used for years to gauge the progress of each new Opera version is no longer supported. These are the most recent test results that I have: [b]PEACEKEEPER (HTML5 Test)[/b] [ol] [li]Firefox 39.0 scored 3843 and 7/7 (467/555)[/li] [li]Vivaldi/ scored 3669 and 6/7 (526/555)[/li] [li]Vivaldi scored 3653 and 6/7 (526/555)[/li] [li]Opera 28.0.1750.51 scored 3235 and 7/7 (519/555)[/li] [li]Opera 29.0.1795.35 scored 3216 and 7/7 (519/555)[/li] [li]Opera 12.17 build 1863 scored 3195 and 5/7 (338/555)[/li] [li]Opera 11.64 build 1403 scored 3158 and 5/7 (270/555)[/li] [li]Internet Explorer 11 scored 2392 and 5/7 (341/555)[/li] [li]Opera 8.54 scored 100 and 0/7 (Yes, it really is that bad!)[/li] Are there any other benchmarks that are worth using?

  • Disclaimer: I don't really use benchmarks, so I have no idea what I'm talking about.

    Moving on,

    I use AlternativeTo to find alternatives to software that I'm tired of, fed up with, or is dying/dead. A search for "Peacekeeper" on that website listed Numion Stopwatch, and The Acid3 Test. Because I didn't feel satisfied with either of those, I also Googled "browser benchmark test" and found Browsermark, Kraken Benchmark, and Octane Benchmark. There's also this article over on How-To Geek which covers a few different benchmarking tools. And, of course, there's always


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