Buggy implementation of Rapport extension

  • Whenever I open Vivaldi the Rapport extension starts a new instance of cmd.exe which appears to create a new instance of conhost.exe. Google Chrome does the same.

    However, unlike Chrome, Vivaldi leaves both cmd.exe and the conhost.exe instances running, so every time Vivaldi is opened a new one of each process begins, leading to more and more running. This appears to slow down the system until a restart or logout/login is required to clear it.Task Manager screenshot

  • @nickji What is this "Rapport" extension? I guess something you installed on your machine also added this extension to Vivaldi? You can't just assume people know what you're talking about when it comes to obscure enterprise software.

    Anyway this is not a fault of Vivaldi, this is a bug in this "Rapport" thing and you'd better take it up with the developer of that.

  • @Pathduck It seems to be the IBM trusteer.
    The extension was fixed some time ago, but perhaps the app itself won't work with Vivaldi.
    @nickji You could report a bug at vivaldi, but you should ask also to IBM devs if our browser is supported.

  • Instead of logging out or restarting, just kill the processes using task manager. You can find it in three start menu or right-click on the taskbar and select task manager. To be clear, I'm taking about the system task manager, not the one built into Vivaldi.

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