"Couldn't load plug-in" message

  • I keep getting a "Couldn't load plug-in" message, and when hovered over with the mouse its says "undefined". Inspect Element shows: -----------------------------

  • The only thing I'm certain of after reading your post is that you're having a problem related to Flash Player. So, I'll give you advice for a couple of different common problems with Flash.

    If Vivaldi is telling you that Flash player is not installed:

    1. Go to the official Adobe Flash download page.
    2. Install the PPAPI version for Opera and Chromium

    If you are only having trouble with one website running Flash Player:

    1. Clear your cookies

    If that doesn't help:

    1. Go to the Adobe Flash Player Website Storage Settings panel.
    2. Click "Delete all sites" (or just the one you're having trouble with).

    If that doesn't help:

    1. Try disabling any extensions to see if any of them are breaking Flash Player.

    If that doesn't help:

    1. Try reinstalling Flash Player.

    If that doesn't help:

    1. Update this thread with information about which version of Flash you have installed, which version of Vivaldi you have installed, and which version of Windows you're running it on. (Otherwise I'll just assume Windows 7, and the latest versions of Vivaldi and Flash with a 32-bit installation of Vivaldi)

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