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  • I'm just starting to use Vivaldi seriously, having been an Opera stalwart for years until recently :( Is it possible to have images or icons in the speed dial buttons. At the moment, all I have is blank squares with no option to configure any thing. I know that Vivaldi is very new so I'm expecting the feature isn't there, but my stupidity can never be over-estimated :cheer: Keith

  • Hi, it seams update/load images for speeddial is broken in .
    After update I have images in old dials but cant update and have no images in new ones.
    You cant change folder icons easy, you have to go deep in to Vivaldi CSS configuration.
    Try search forum for icons.

    CHeers, mib

  • Ok. Thank you.

  • You don't need to modify any CSS to customize thumbnails, you just need to specify in the bookmarks file where the thumbnail you want to use is located.

    Take a look at this thread by An_dz over here. I, and many people in that thread, can confirm this works.

    And customizing folder icons and such might only require going to this directory:```

  • Ah thanks, much easier.

    Cheers, mib

  • I've got thumbnails loading via Apache server I have on this machine so thumb lines in Bookmarks look like this:

    "Thumbnail": "http://localhost/PathOnServer/gmail.png"

    What I can't figure out is how to load them as files from Vivaldi's install directory. Preloaded images are in this folder, for example:


    But Vivaldi loads them like so:

    "Thumbnail": "chrome://thumb/http://bookmark_thumbnail/60?1438864797839"

    I've tried lots of combinations with paths and slashes but nothing worked.

    In case you want to use snapshots of your actual sites here's a little bash script (requires installed ImageMagick) to crop and resize them all at once:



    cd "$orig"
    for k in ls *.png

    convert $k -crop 1211x988+187+0 -resize 505x "$thumb/$k"

    echo "$k"


    Actual dimensions will vary, of course, these fit with my opened Vivaldi window and grab menu and address bar, and come out as 505x412, exactly like preinstalled snaps.

  • I haven't been able to get custom speed dial thumbs to work at all in the latest snapshot, but I have no idea why. Before that, I was able to use custom thumbnails remotely or locally - but with local files, it was a matter of specifying where they were on the system.

    i.e. file:///home/tiamarth/Pictures/image01.png did work, but, http://localhost/images/image02.png never worked.

    I have some thumbnails hosted remotely on a server in my website's directory. So, specifying "http://example.com/images/image03.png" did work.

  • file:///home/tiamarth/Pictures/image01.png did work,

    Not for me, "file://" breaks my bookmarks completely, no bookmarks are displayed in the speeddial at all:

    Just this one line:
    "Thumbnail": "file:///opt/vivaldi/resources/vivaldi/speedDial/gmail.png"
    breaks everything.

    To use http://localhost/ type of addresses you need to run http server on your machine. I suppose you can try linking images from the web but they'd take time to load on opening the speeddial.

  • Vivaldi has some features and bugs that behave pretty inconsistently for users. The zoom hotkeys used to do several different things for many different people, for example.

    I know how localhost works - but I don't host a server locally for various reasons. I have a friend who is generous enough to provide me totally free hosting space, and I have only two thumbnails that I've ever used remotely for Vivaldi. And that's just because I couldn't be bothered to download the image and put it on my machine because I am very lazy.

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