Browser Freezing / Locking

  • Hi,

    After taking the last update of Vivaldi, (2.8.1664.40 (Stable channel) (64-bit)), the browser freezes when just web surfing, not doing anything in-particular at. It's even freezing as I type this! I've noticed there is a spike in the CPU usage, and then what ever causes the lock is released and I'm back to normal until the next time. I've disabled browser extensions, no luck so now I'm not sure what this could be and I'm not a Linux power user so I'm going to need help to diagnose this. When the browser freezes it locks the mouse as well, but I've got VLC file playing in the background and the playback hasn't skipped a beat. At first I figured someone else would be experiencing this too and a fix will be released, but this is now starting to piss me off.

    I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.3 64-bit with the Mate desktop on top of Ubuntu.

  • Hello there,

    What you are saying is a little too vague for me. There is a simple command line, which function is to test a new profile. In case it does not effectively freezes, then the issue lies on your profile folder.
    Open Terminal and issue the following command:

    /usr/bin/vivaldi --user-data-dir="/tmp/VIV-TST" &

    Closing Vivaldi everything is purged.
    Keep in touch

  • HI thanks for the reply, ran the command you suggested and got the below output with the terminal not doing anything and a blinking cursor.

    bash: --user-data-dir=/tmp/VIV-TST: No such file or directory

    After I hit enter I get the below

    [1]+ Exit 127 --user-data-dir="/tmp/VIV-TST"

  • @rustyjarz The syntax caused the error. Please, copy and paste in the terminal:

    /usr/bin/vivaldi --user-data-dir="/tmp/VIV-TST" &

    Keep in touch

  • Yeah apologies ran an incomplete command.

    So did what you suggested (glad I have sync setup), I've noticed it still seems to be doing it. In face as I type this reply the browser is locking.

  • @rustyjarz The clean install reproduced the issue, it's not your profile folder. Does Vivaldi lock only on Address Bar? If so, disable one option:

    Alt+P >> Address Bar

    1. Address Field Drop-Down Menu ← disable & restart Vivaldi

    Please, let us know

  • @lamarca said in Browser Freezing / Locking:

    @rustyjarz The clean install reproduced the issue, it's not your profile folder. Does Vivaldi lock only on Address Bar?

    No Vivaldi is locking when browsing a web page that's already open like this one, or if I switch to the tab where gmail is open and I'm reading emails, and like I mentioned even when typing text like I am now the browser freezes (but it didn't do it on this occasion).

  • @rustyjarz That's correct, apologizes. Unfortunately we have few options:

    1. file a bug report.
      Mention Vivaldi locks suddenly, the clean install reproduced the freezing. I will ping the Dev later

    2. remove & purge Vivaldi. -- Preferably via command line
      Delete two folders: /opt/vivaldi and ~/.config/vivaldi

    It's my solution.
    Sorry for the issue you are having.

  • Thanks for your help appreciate it.

    After a couple of freezes after the reset, it seems a little more stable now. I'll monitor over the coming days and let's see . . .

  • @rustyjarz said in Browser Freezing / Locking:

    (glad I have sync setup)

    I wonder if you had the "known problem" of sync producing lots of copies of bookmarks and/or notes which caused the freezing?

  • Just checked my Bookmarks and noticed there are duplicates of the default Bookmarks. My bookmarks seem to be ok.

  • @TbGbe Sync is partially related to what we are discussing. Modern browser (with javascript compiler) works better with a lot of mem. One setting can have an impact on perceived performance. My solution was posted, I came here because of the Sync.

  • I've filed a bug, VB-58577.

  • @rustyjarz Thanks for the bug number. I have a quick look at VB-58577 was reported at 06/Oct/19 - 22:12

  • How can I check the status/progress of this bug report? Because this freezing is really starting to . . . !!!

  • @lamarca said in Browser Freezing / Locking:

    @rustyjarz Thanks for the bug number. I have a quick look at VB-58577 was reported at 06/Oct/19 - 22:12


    I think I may have found the issue. I'm pretty sure it's the NVidia GPU!!!

  • Moderator

    @rustyjarz It is easy to add more information to your report.
    Reply to the mail you got for bugreport 58577 and send new information.

  • Moderator

    @rustyjarz if this command line in shell starst Vivaldi without a freeze
    vivaldi --disable-gpu
    then it is a NVidia driver issue by Vivaldi and its Chromium core.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    No I think it's a shit driver update that NVidia have done. It also happened,but a lot worse when I opened Firefox. I was going to use that as an alternative. Since switching to the Intel GPU it's much, much better!

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