Autoswitching to new opened tab.

  • When you Middle-click (central mouse button, pressing the mouse wheel) over a link, that link will open in a new tab, and you will still be in your current tab. Works as intended. In previous versions of Vivaldi, this happened on the speed-dial too. I mean, if you middle-clicked any of the pages you had on the speed-dial, they would open, and you would remain seeing the speed-dial, and the browser didnt automatically switch you to the new tab you've just opened. This is what I like. BUT, and this is why I started this thread; after yesterday's update, when I middle-click something on the speed dial, the browser auto-switch me to that new tab. The speed dial tab remains open, but it switches me to the new one. Middle-clicking on any link on any webpage still works as before. But not on speed-dial. Is this a bug? Is this a new feature? How can i disable/fix it? It really annoys me for personal reasons, as that is something i'm very used to do.

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