Youtube constantly changes to an awkward size

  • So I've been using this browser for the past week and it has been pretty great, really enjoying it and will probably use it when it is finished. Sometimes when I visit a youtube video the website becomes some what morphed and displaced like shown here: . I have to refresh a few times to get it working again and it's getting fairly annoying. I'm using version (Developer Build) (64-bit) on Xubuntu 14.04 if that's any help.

  • Moderator

    Yeah, it was reported on the Windows forum, or in the All platforms forum, can't recall. Anyway, it's a bug where the page has 0 size until you focus it, then the site gets crazy and the style is all trashed.

  • Something I saw in an early YouTube review of Vivaldi made me think of you and the ever-changing size -

    Are you using "content blocker" and, if so, does it happen when you turn it off?

    As the guy in the review video stopped and started "content blocker", I noticed that everything on the page he was viewing shifted in response to the "extra space" created by missing content and it made me wonder if maybe a "rolling" ad space (one that displays a number of ads, one after another, during a longer viewing session) might create this phenomenon, with "content blocker" perhaps making space for a new ad before it decides to block it - does that make sense or nonsense?


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