Disable Zoom when CMD-scroll

  • Hey! Is it possible to disable the zoom when clicking CMD and scrolling? This feature sadly makes Vivaldi unusable for me.

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    this is annoying me every 15 seconds. also a horrible feature attached to that: zooming one tab on a domain zooms all tabs ( existing or in the future) on that domain. who has these weird ideas, and did you ever tested this on real users?

    btw: i command scrolled during switching tabs, now I zoomed out the interface itself to 30% size. and can't undo it. Restarting or Reinstalling don't even help with that.

  • btw: it zooms not only when you hit CMD and scroll, but also when you start a fast scroll motion, release the scroll and press CMD while it's still "scrolling" (even if at beginning/end of page already). also keeps scrolling like that across tabs, so don't switch tabs while scrolling.

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    To fix the UI scale:
    Open Preferences (Alt+P) –> Appearance --> UI scale --> Reset button

    The names may differ as I'm not using Mac nor it's in English.

  • Nah, that didn't work. I had to use the same bug that created this behavior to undo it. Will avoid creating new tabs while scrolling for now.

  • This is one of a very short list of issues that prevents me from using Vivaldi. Every time I go back to try it again, I have all sorts of accidental zooming. And I go back to my old browser every time. A simple preference to disable this is all that is needed. Vivaldi is supposed to be the browser that users can configure as the wish… right?

  • Unfortunately this is still an issue with build 1.3.551.13.
    I hope this will be configurable/fixed with the final 1.3 release.

  • Thanks for your comments.

    About the issue of scrolling and clicking on CMD and it starts zooming.
    It was fixed for Mac, look for VB-19308 in this snapshot:

    About adding a setting to disable zooming while scrolling and clicking on CMD / Crtl
    We added a feature request and submitted to the team so that they consider it. If they decided to implement it, then look for VB-20069 in future snapshots.

    We're closing this thread for now. If you have any further request, please submit it here: https://vivaldi.net/forum/features-requests-for-1-4

    Thanks for being patient with us and using Vivaldi. πŸ™‚

  • Ok, its closed, but it's still not implemented - and Vivaldi is unusable. Plz fix!

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    There's an option to disable this. In Vivaldi Settings / Webpages, uncheck the following:

    Use ⌘+Scroll to Zoom Page

    I hope that this will make Vivaldi usable for you again.


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