Intergrate Kaspersky Internet Security w/ Vivaldi

  • Kaspersky integrates nicely with Firefox and Chrome perfectly. I love using Vivaldi, but Kaspersky does not support the Vivaldi browser. For that reason I am uneasy about making secure transactions on the Internet. I need more that just Incognito Mode. Can you help?

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    Yeah. First of all get rid of Kaspersky. Kaspersky is a known privacy risk. Personally I use and have used avast! for over ten years. avast! does not conflict with Vivaldi.

    Incognito/Privacy mode does not protect you while on the internet. It protects you from being discovered on your "home" network. IOW, hides you from anyone in your office from seeing what you are doing.

    Having a solid VPN will do more to protect your identity than any anti-virus software.

  • Thank you. I was thinking the same thing. I had Avast for years, but they got heavy on the advertising. I'll see if I can find a good deal and go back to it. Once again, thanks Para-Noid.

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    @ala550 And what does not work for you with KIS and Vivaldi?

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    @Para-Noid said in Intergrate Kaspersky Internet Security w/ Vivaldi:

    First of all get rid of Kaspersky. Kaspersky is a known privacy risk.

    Can you prove this risk? or is that your private opinion?

  • At this point I'll keep using Vivaldi, but contact Kaspersky for an answer. If secure transactions are required, I'll use Chrome until the problem is resolved. No way I dump Vivaldi.

  • @ala550 I fear the answer will be "we only support chrome" but worth trying.
    A paid antivirus should at least try to support any chromium browser (Vivaldi included).

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    @Para-Noid Avast/AVG/Piriform is somewhat famous for collecting and selling your data, and you think that makes them not a privacy risk ?
    Third party analytics – when we share your data with a third party for analytics, such as purchase optimization, crash reporting, and trend analytics. Note, all free users and paid customers can choose to turn of this feature.
    When I say famously I mean that because even when turned off they seem to occasionally accidentally release versions where it still sends data.
    I would argue if they were not collecting it to begin with they wouldn't be risking data leakage.

    Whereas Kaspersky is famous for being hacked by Israeli and Russian Gov spooks who found files that an idiot in the CIA broke protocol and took home, which his AV uploaded as per usual just as all AV do to be analysed.
    Oh and it is famous for being really rather good (if a pain to use).

    I can't see what Kaspersky extension would do to help with banking other than to notify you or block bad domains. In which case there are plenty of other AV extensions with the same features.

    Until the compatibility is sorted out you can use one of those.
    I do believe that the Vivaldi devs will try to get it working because a lot of people use Kaspersky.
    As Para-Noid said, the incognito mode will make no real difference to your online security apart from disabling all the extensions you have not allowed, so lessen the risks privacy leaks there.
    Likewise a trusted VPN will help protect your privacy unless the browser is compromised or you are making a payment via a hacked site.
    A good VPN should also provide some protection against DNS interference.
    Free VPNs tend to sell user data, and it recently became clear that a vast amount of VPNs are owned by Chinese backers, so don't just go for the first one somebody recommends.

    The rest of the time make sure your DNS in your computer is set to one that uses DNSSec, such as Cloudflare, Quad9, Google, or DNSCrypt

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    @Gwen-Dragon Sorry that it took so long to reply as I was offline for a few days.

    I believe it was two or three years ago when it was discovered that Kaspersky had hacked into or was using a user's install to steal personal information. This included addresses, phone numbers, who was in the users family, social security numbers (USA) and bank records. Here in the USA the Department of Homeland Security recommended all users of Kaspersky uninstall Kaspersky and check their records for any odd behavior. Kaspersky went so far as to hack into the Dept.(s) of Defense and Homeland Security. The United States government no longer allows any Kaspersky install on any government computer system.

    I could be wrong about the time period. It could have been more like 5-7 years ago. But it did happen not only in the USA but also the EU nations.

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    @ala550 That is my complaint with avast!...advertising. Now that avast! now owns AVG and CCleaner they two will see an increase in advertising. On the upside, I only notice the ads when I actually have their GUI open. I run a full scan with avast once a month so I don't see their ads except when they update the virus definitions.

    But...avast has protected my for over ten years. And have done an admirable job at protecting me.

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