Stupid question please about website

  • Regarding this website:

    With Vivaldi 2.4.1488.40 x64, the OLD DESIGN of the medeoblue webpage loads which I really like:

    But with Snapshot 2.6.1554.13 x64, the NEW DESIGN medeoblue webpage loads which I HATE:

    I'm in the process of emailing medeoblue about this but wanted to check with you first. What is the cause of these two Vivaldi versions displaying different versions of the same web address? I checked my settings and they look identical. Is there anything I can do to get the old design to display in Snapshot 2.6.1554.13 x64 or in future versions Vivaldi/Snapshot? Thanks so much for your time.

  • Hello there,

    Page not found.

  • 404 Page Not Found is showing for me too. But if you click on the upper left logo and then click on the "7-Day Weather" on the left, you'll reach the page. BUT.... if you refresh, you get "404 Page Not Found" again.

    EDIT: I only get the 404 Page Not Found with Snapshot 2.6.1554.13 x64 but with Vivaldi 2.4.1488.40 x64, it works fine. Strange right? Same address:

    I'm trying to figure out why these two versions of Vivaldi are displaying different styles of the same webpage.


  • @seeley
    Some user see old some the new page, depends on device.

    Chrome shows new page on my device, too.

    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: Chrome show 404, too. It seams Chromium 74 or 75 are redirected to the new page.

  • How (my) !Vivaldi displays the web page

    0_1560405270814_2019-06-13 02.46.54 c7f75302b42a.png

    What shot does bother you, #1 or #2
    The Stable and Snapshot don't use same engine version.

    URL location returned the 404,

  • Thanks guys. I'm using the same PC for both Vivaldi versions. I don't like #2 in my first post which is the one you have displayed. I like #1. For starters, the background art is so much better in #1. I use this as my homepage.

    So it has something to do with the Chromium version? I kind of figured and was hoping it was something else. Would changing the User Agent make a difference, if that's even possible?


  • We both [[ run ]] the same Chromium Update. The new features are 1st released in the SS.
    Vivaldi has no UA issues with the web site, I can't affirm if spoofing will make difference.
    Keep in touch

    Edited: [[ ]]

  • @seeley
    I use User Agent Switcher Extension, if I switch to Firefox 33 it shows the old page and no 404.
    No idea how long this will work.

    Cheers, mib
    EDIT: Hehe, old version show different weather forecast for Berlin.

  • @mib2berlin said in Stupid question please about website:

    EDIT: Hehe, old version show different weather forecast for Berlin.

    that's Off Topic, guys, I know ....
    no one should complain about ransomware or wherever, they deserve ... .unable to input a simple data on the system .....

    Edited: gramar

  • @mib2berlin Thanks. The User Agent Switcher worked. Switching to FF, IE, or Safari loads the old style page and or course Opera and Chrome, the new style.

    EDIT: To add, you can even apply this extension to only specific websites.The background art is so much nicer on the old style:

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