Preferences cannot be read, extensions not loaded anymore

  • Hi there, I am using Vivaldi-snapshot daily and yesterday, when launching the browser after an [i]apt-get upgrade[/i], I got a pop-up message telling me that my preferences cannot be read and that some settings might not be saved after the session, though I observed that my bookmarks were still there, all along my custom settings in the options. However, this morning I realized that I don't have any extensions working, there is nothing listed in [i]vivaldi://extensions[/i]. Where are they stored, and what should I do to fix the problem? I would like to avoid reinstalling and reconfiguring them all (especially as I don't remember all their names, or the user scripts I was using). I tried renaming "/home/user/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default" and launch Vivaldi-snapshot again, but the "Preferences could not be read" error was still there, even after a new "Default" folder was created when I launched the browser. Therefore, I deleted the new one and restored the backup folder. Note that there is a non-empty "Extensions" folder inside. Many thanks in advance for your help, hope someone will have a clue on what to do! 🙂

  • I still have the same issue even after last Vivaldi-snapshot updates, if anyone has a clue on how to solve the problem with my preferences and extensions. :<

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    Try making a backup of your profile to somewhere else and clean install Vivaldi. (Delete everything about Vivaldi, except you profile backup)

    If the bug is still showing, send a bug report to the team. If it has gone away, replace your new profile with your backup profile.

    If the bug shows up again after you used your old profile, redo the backup and clean install again, reconfigure manually your new profile to meet the old preferences. Then open your profile backup and copy the Bookmarks file and Notes file to the now working profile. No need to copy if you did not have anything on them.

    Now to reinstall the extensions, you don't copy any file I'll mention, just reinstall from the store.

    Open a dir named Extensions, inside you'll see many dirs with md5 hash names. Inside those dirs you'll have a version numbered dir and inside it the extension, you can see the icon images to remember what extension it is. Or, there must have a manifest.json file somewhere, inside that file is the extension name and other metadata.

    After reinstalling them, copy the following dirs from your backup: (Some may not exist)
    Extension State
    Local App Settings
    Local Extension Settings
    Local Storage
    Session Storage
    Sync App Settings
    Sync Extension Settings
    Web Applications

    I guess that's it, may not really work.

  • Thank you very much, apparently just deleting everything about Vivaldi and reinstalling did the trick! My backuped profile still works so the problem was not in it, which eased restoring everything as I wanted! 🙂

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    Very strange, some file maybe got corrupt or maybe a HDD sector.

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