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  • I discovered the “New to the Forum” section a bit too late, so this is actually my second post 😉

    I’m mainly on macOS and a hardcore Safari user. Never employed or liked Chrome and the shady company behind it.

    I slightly toyed around with Vivaldi already 1½ years ago, but really “discovered” it only recently.

    Well, I was in the mood for something new and so I decided to have a look at the current implementation of Opera. Opera turned out to be more or less “acceptable”, but not that good as I had it in memory from years ago:

    All the currently half-hearted all-in-one concept, like the integrated news reader that isn’t a real news reader, the VPN thingy that isn’t a real VPN, the side bar where I can’t put things, the sync that brings back the bookmarks I deleted 10 minutes ago, the bookmarks bar where I can’t opt out of the redundant display of the folder icons, etc., etc.

    So it was no wonder that a couple of days later I decided to have a closer look at that “Vivaldi” again, and… I’m very pleasantly surprised.

    It has so many handy things you only discover on a second or third look, the whole tab management in all its glory for example, or the tiled views, the hibernation, the good bookmark management, and many, many more little or not so little things.

    Also, Opera on macOS somehow smells and feels like the typical Windows crap app, almost like a promo gift you received with your purchase of a vacuum cleaner, — whereas Vivaldi feels more like a lovely old-school Mac app as of 20 years ago (in a positive sense!).

    Today finally I decided to make it my default browser. Let’s see how it works out! I have a good feeling 🙂

  • @tflo Welcome to the Community. Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

  • Welcome here…

  • Vivaldi Team

    @tflo , pleased to have you with us. Welcome!


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    Welcome to the forum!

  • Thanks for the hearty welcomes. Really appreciated (and seldom seen on new forums I join)!


    For the Mac users, I have posted scripts here (AppleScript) that facilitate the transfer of Vivaldi tabs to iOS.

    The scripts are quite trivial but I consider them very useful (at least for me). Honestly: I only made Vivaldi my default browser after I had verified that my scripts do the job, because otherwise the missing iOS-sync/transfer would have been a game breaker.

    – Tom

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