create new note with bibliography and reader mode pdf from selected text on selected website - possible?

  • Sigh, I want to say something cool like "I'm a journalist" or "I'm a blogger," but sadly, no. I am just particular about information that I collect. I like to know where, when, and who I copied articles/items from. I currently do this manually. I use the mac service "new textedit window containing selected" all the time and I just fill in all the rest. Tonight I am trying to combine and eliminate the way too many programs I use. Thank you Vivaldi for still being the best option at what you do and so multitalented! LOVE the tools, LOVE the customization, Love my privacy, and I LOVE the bookmarks manager!!!

    Any-who, I am wondering if it was possible to select text/items on a webpage and as the default:
    add selection to a new Vivaldi note [Already a feature]
    compile bibliography / source reference [APA style][instead of just supplying the website URL]
    capture reader mode of site or full site clipping [any format]

    I don't think this is an option now but if it is or more parts of it is that I did not mention, thank you for pointing me in the right direction! If this is not, I really don't know how hard it would be to even make this happen so even if it can't be done I appreciate your help in this matter, even if it's just the time you spent to read and reply to this.
    Thanks again!

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