Control-Shift-Delete to Delete Browsing History

  • All of a sudden when I use this keyboard shortcut (Control-Shift-Delete) to delete browsing history and hit the Enter key to Delete, the Enter key no longer works because the "Delete Data for:" pull-down menu field is always selected now and every time I now hit the Enter key, it pulls-down that menu instead of deleting and closing the window.. For years, I used successfully used the Enter key instead of physically pressing the Delete button but now it doesn't work. What could cause this? I've tried the Tab key to deselect that field but it doesn't stick. The Enter key works fine with all other windows functions.

    I tried removing/reinstalling my keyboard driver and rebooting. This is occurring with both of my stand alone Vivalidi browsers which have separate settings! This is with 2.4.1488.40.x64 and Snapshot 2.6.1554.13.x64. I tried removing my UserData folder and the same thing is happening. Must be a Windows issue.

    In the photo, when I use Control-Shift-Delete to bring this panel up, the "Delete Data for:" is already highlighted. Any hints will be greatly appreciated. 😞


    Windows 7 Pro x64
    i5-4690 3.5 GHz
    20 GB RAM
    Gigybyte 1051 Ti Windforce OC GPU

  • @seeley said in Control-Shift-Delete to Delete Browsing History:

    All of a sudden

    I think it has been that way for a long time. It is the way that the dialogue is designed. Initial focus is on the time interval. To reach the Delete button in the tab order, one has to press Shift+Tab twice.

    IIRC it has been brought up before. I guess that most users would choose the interval and select the data to delete checkboxes once, and thereafter would just want to delete. Perhaps it was designed this way, or redesigned this way, because some users complained of losing their date for all time by accident?

    I don't like this approach to program design. If you try to make programs idiot-proof, a better class of idiot will soon come along to find another way to lose their data. If their data is really that important, users should back it up.

  • Thanks! So if you bring this panel up and hit Enter on your keyboard, it pulls down the interval menu? Yes... All of a Sudden.

  • @seeley Version 2.4 Stable was released back in March so the issue is at least a couple of months old. The latest Stable version is 2.5.1525.46, but that behaves the same. I use the latest Snapshot as my default browser.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit 1809 build 17763.504 • Snapshot 2.6.1554.13 (64-bit)

  • @Pesala Thanks. Does this happen with you as well with your Snapshot? If you hit Enter on the keyboard, it pulls-down the interval menu instead of Deleting and closing the window? Maybe you said it but I wasn't sure.

    Just started happening this evening when I turned my PC back on. I was using both versions earlier today and I deleted history with the Enter key just like it did for years. Now ENTER pulls the menu down. Strange both stand alone Vivaldi browsers in two separate directories started doing this at the same time. Maybe I'm losing my mind.🤣

  • It's fixed internally.

  • OK. Thanks so much guys for your help.

  • @seeley You are welcome.

  • Moderator

    The wrong focus was filed as
    VB-30214 ""Clear Browsing Data" button has no focus after shortcut"
    No timeline.

  • @lamarca said in Control-Shift-Delete to Delete Browsing History:

    It's fixed internally.

    @Gwen-Dragon said in Control-Shift-Delete to Delete Browsing History:

    The wrong focus was filed as
    VB-30214 ""Clear Browsing Data" button has no focus after shortcut"
    No timeline.

    how does that fit together? 🤔

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    I brought this issue up a couple of years ago...

    Once a user has selected his preferences and clicks "Delete" those should be saved so the next time they can just Ctrl+Shift+Del then Enter and it is done.

    I had quit using the keyboard shortcut to delete browsing history as after many versions nothing changed.

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