Questions regarding the Profile feature

  • I've updated Vivaldi today and a default profile was created. It has no picture.

    How can I edit its name and picture? All I could figure out is how to create a new profile, edit its name and picture and then delete the one that was created by default, but that would make me lose my browsing history and some other stuff too since they're linked to the profile, at least it seems.

    Also, are profiles linked to Vivaldi accounts like the one I'm using now in the forum? Are they linked to emails? If I were to download Vivaldi on another computer would I have my profile there?

    Edit: seems like it does sync. But the questions about editing my default profile still stand.

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    @Dalmnolk Press F1 for Help and read the topic on User Profiles

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    @Dalmnolk Your profile is only connected to the "cloud" if you specifically sign in with a account.

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