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    5 builds in 5 days - a perfect week! 🙂 [url=]Get Vivaldi on our Team Blog[/url].

  • Christopher - You and your cohorts really rock!!!

    After installing TP 4 yesterday, I had a massive jump with memory usage. A few minutes ago, I downgraded to Snapshot After restarting Vivaldi I saw your post about this new build. I downloaded and reinstalled.

    Memory usage dropped 10% - with straight TP 4 I was using about 24% of my 16 gb of ram. With, I am using about 14%. This is with 26 tabs open and one stack with 3 tabs.

    You guys and gals did this revamp overnight. Thanks to all for the hard work.

  • Since you are back to adding features again, please work on address bar, bring back the drop down menu for typed URLs in the address bar and give us an option to disable inline URL auto complete in the address bar.

  • @Christoph142:

    5 builds in 5 days - a perfect week! 🙂

    Gotta be a record!!!

  • Drop down menu is good idea.

  • New feature might be handy if it could be quickly toggled from keyboard or mouse. I actually never, ever use full screen mode just because F11 is too damn far away. 🙂

  • I just updated to this snapshot today and now all my entries on the bookmark bar have gone. They seem to have been moved to the Speed dial screen and can't see how to get them back or even drag a open URL to the Bookmark bar..

    Edit. I found how to get them back but they shouldn't have vanished in the first place. Not a bad browser though . Looks like Opera 12 which i liked a lot..

  • My place of employment has upgraded my PC from WinXP to Windows 7. Now Vivaldi won't run from the network. I can see it in Task Manager, but there's no GUI. Any suggestions?


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