OneTab Extension

  • Is there anybody who uses OneTab with Vivaldi? I was able to install it. And on chrome://chrome/extensions/ I can see that it is activated. But it seems not to work. When I make a right click and choose "OneTab- send all Tabs to OneTab" nothing happens. Are you able to use OneTab with Vivaldi?

  • send a note to the app developer (support). maybe he can help. i see it wasn't working on ubuntu chrome there also.

  • color=#8800bb I discovered OneTab a year or two ago when i was still using Opera [Blink] Developer. It is an excellent highly beneficial extension, that i subsequently used all the time in Opera & Chromium. When i discovered Vivaldi back at TP1 i installed all my fav extensions from Opera into it, but of course [as widely discussed in these fora] many extensions do not yet work at all in V, & even of those that do, no icon bar icons are yet available [ie, the extensions [i]might work but without access to the icons we can't practically use them]. Wrt OneTab specifically in V, as you have discovered sadly we can't yet use its native functionality to ADD new tabs to it. However if you are prepared to do a little workaround via another chromium-based browser as an intermediary, you can at least prepare a suite of favourite tabs safely OneTabbed in that other browser, then [with it & V closed] copy the specific extension files from that browser's Default folder, to the V folder [obviously b4 any of this you have to have installed OT in V]. Thereafter once V is relaunched, you can [eg] keep the OneTab tab pinned, & anytime you wish to access any of your fav OneTabbed tabs, simply navigate to the pinned OT tab, click on the desired tabs, & voila. chrome-extension://chphlpgkkbolifaimnlloiipkdnihall/onetab.html /color


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