Vivaldis own Task-Manager

  • With Menu - Tools - Task Manager you get a Vivaldi Task manager window. I simply do not understand how it works. At the left there are grey bars. This bars seems to surround all tabs who are grouped in one group tab. But for example I have one group tab-Button which includes 4 Tabs but in the Vivaldi Task manager the grey bar surrounds 8 Entrys. Why? Any Ideas?

  • Moderator

    The grey stuff has nothing about tab group, it's about same process. The task manager shows you the processes running, each grey is one and each entry in the task manager is a thread. For example, right now my Vivaldi shows "App:Speed Dial", "Background Page:Vivaldi", "App:Vivaldi" & "Webview:Speed Dial" grouped as one grey, this mean that those four threads are being run as one single process.


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