Is there a trick for dragging tabs onto a stack?

  • Sometimes when I try and drag a tab onto a stack I can do it easily. Sometimes I can drag that tab all over the place but can't get the destination tab to darken to show it will receive the tab.

    Is there a technique to doing this? Where is the hit-box that changes the tab to a destination instead of sliding it out of the way?

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    @Khaolos The drop zone is kind of narrow, but if you drag a bit slowly, you won't overrun the portion of the tab where you see it darken and can then drop your new tab. Do you keep tabs at top/bottom or on the sides?

    Edit: just before the leading edge of the tab you are dragging reaches the center of your target, you should be over the drop zone, and see the target darken.

  • Is it just me or has the drop zone to move a tab onto a stack recently narrowed? It's really getting hard to hit it.

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    @rhk It hasn't. But it has always been (to my mind) uncomfortably small.

  • @Ayespy I keep my tabs on the left. I have three monitors and Vivaldi runs on the leftmost monitor, so I don't have to move the mouse all the way across the screen to get to the tabs.

    I know how to stack tabs - and to look for the darken area. It's just difficult sometimes, and I end up chasing tabs around with other tabs until I hit the spot. (even slowly).

    Maybe it would help somebody to be able to adjust the size of the hit box? For me, I would want the hit box to be the size of the entire tab. I presume that it isn't this way so that the tabbar understands when it should be rearranging instead of stacking (so it can move the other tabs out of the way).

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    @Khaolos There has been some discussion back stage as to whether the landing zone ought to be modified a bit.

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    I used to find it fairly easy to make tab stacks, as soon as you realised that you had to move the tab a little bit and then hold it there for a second.

    Right now, though, it seems physically impossible to create tab stacks by dragging a tab on top of another (2.4.1488.26, tested in 2 installs). At no point does the tab underneath darken, regardless of where I hold the other tab and how long I hold it.

    (Tab stacking is enabled, drag-and-drop is enabled.)

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    @Komposten You are probably overshooting the mark.

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    @Ayespy No, I wasn't. I tried a single pixel overlap, 50% overlap (after which the tabs switch place) and probably 50 positions in between. Didn't work.

    Tried it again, and it does work now. No idea why since I haven't changed any settings, haven't restarted the browser, haven't even put the computer to sleep. And suddenly it works. 🤔

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