• Merhaba Vivaldi tarayıcısı için herhangi bir reklam engelleme programı mevcutmu acaba ?

  • Sorry, I don't speak Turkish and I dont' want to occupy the thread, however I'd like to point put that AdBlock (or any other extension) can't be installed in my Vivaldi browser v1.0.209.3 (64-Bit) via vivaldi://chrome/extensions: Upon clicking on "Load unpacked extensions…" nothing happens, there is no file selector box popping up. Is this a new bug? This was my first try to install an extension, so I can only presume that this feasture worked as expected in previous builds...

    Thanks for checking and fixing this,

  • Hello,

    I one extension I was pointed to was ublock, which can be found in the Chrome Web Store.

    First you have to go here - vivaldi://chrome/extensions

    And tick Developer Mode.

    You can then go to the store -

    And choose ublock, and add it. It should then install.

    Best wishes. 🙂

    Edit : I forgot to add, the adblock extension seem to crash vivaldi at the minute, thus the pointer to ublock, which works.


    Ben işaret edildi Ben bir uzatma Chrome Web Mağazası'nda bulunabilir ublock oldu.

    Öncelikle buraya gitmek zorunda - vivaldi : // chrome / uzantıları

    Ve Geliştirici Modu işaretleyin.

    Daha sonra mağazaya gidebilirsiniz -

    Ve ublock seçin ve ekleyin . Daha sonra yüklemeniz gerekir .

    En iyi dileklerimle. 🙂

    Düzenleme : Ben eklemek unuttum , adblock uzatma çalıştığı , ublock böylece , dakikada işaretçi Vivaldi çökmesine görünüyor.

  • thanks. i have a adblock now. working..


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