Bookmarks, Export?

  • How do I export my bookmarks from Vivaldi to html format?

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    There's no direct way, yet. You would have to copy the bookmarks file to Chrome and then export it from there.

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    What ?

    I finally have a reason TO install CHROME ? 😛 (as a Bookmark Manager)

    OK, so Chrome must use the same file format as Vivaldi for the bookmarks library file.

    So does ChrOpera also share that format ? (I had earlier this year installed Opera 28 Portable for another one-off reason, so if it also would help me with Vivaldi bookmarks management in the short term, I would have a second reason to keep it installed.)

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    They all do use the same file format, but there are quirks from one to the next. Differences in indexing may mean that the file from one brand may be incompletely read in another. They all appear to have the bookmark bar in common, so if you move files from one to the next, it's smart to have ALL of your bookmarks, even in folders, on the bar for the move.

  • Shure it works.

    just press F2 enter export and you have it.

  • I think I screwed up coming from Safari and used a bookmark manager that kinda messed with the bookmarks. Where can I find the bookmark file? And can I edit it manually some way?

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    @rthomp Editing the bookmark file is not straightforward. You can find it in your "Profile" location in menu/help/about.

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    @74n9ym Another route is from the File menu, Export Bookmarks.

    Alt+F, E for the English Interface.

    One can also assign a shortcut to this command, if it's something you use frequently.


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